PPE Masks

  • Unique Nanofiber technology to block particles up to .1 nanometers in size.
  • 3 Dimensional and light weight design to fit comfortably around the nose, mouth and chin for long lasting comfort.
  • KF94 mask ratings are comparable to the government mandated N94 Mask requirements.
  • Nose clips increase antifogging and molding to the facial structure.
  • Quadruple structure filter creates four layers of protection.
  • Child friendly packaging and instructions help ease of access.
  • Filters are created with Welcron Melt Blown unique patents.
  • Blocks more than 94% of particulates.
  • Approved by US FDA and Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Services.
  • Designed specifically to avoid touching mouth while wearing mask.
  • Aqua Trans patented technology absorbs moisture.


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